MyEyes: First-Person Video-Communication System for Couples

A video communication system where couples are presented with their partner's first person view on a VR headset. We designed three interfaces of viewing the remote nad local view- horizontally split, vertically split and overlapped view. We used Google Cardboard along with two Android phones and developed the video chat application using WebRTC. Our aim to provide partners with a sense of body ownership and social presence.

Rui Pan is the principal researcher on this project and is currently working on the design of the evaluation of this prototype.


Rui Pan
Carman Neustaedter
Bernhard Riecke
Emily Cramer

Rui Pan, Samarth Singhal, Bernhard Riecke, Emily Cramer, Carman Neustaedter (2017) MyEyes: The Design and Evaluation of First Person View Video Streaming for Long-Distance Couples, Proceedings of the Conference on Designing Interactive Systems.