Design Researcher creating experiences to catch up to the future.

I'm currently working as a Senior UX Designer for Unity, exploring the potential and possibilities of real-time 3D technologies to transform non-gaming industries with a simple aim to enable more creators in the world.

I am a hybrid physical + digital products/experiences designer, a creative problem solver, and an obsessive learner. I am a lover of tinkering stuff and exploring leatherwork at the moment.

Read more about my story and how I work here.

Feb 1, 2021 : Podcast with Make Change Studio
Sep 28, 2020 : Honored to be on the judging committee for Vancouver UX Awards.
Aug 8, 2019 : Joined Finger Food Studios as their first UX Designer, Vancouver
Dec 8, 2018 : Paper accepted in TOCHI, 2018
Mar 6, 2018 : Paper accepted to DIS 2018, HongKong
Mar 5, 2018 : Joined North (Previously Thalmic Labs), Kitchener-Waterloo
Dec 11, 2017 : Paper accepted to CHI 2018, Montreal
Sep 14, 2017 : Flex-N-Feel aired on Daily Planet, Discovery Channel Canada
Jul 11, 2017 : Successfully defended my Masters Defence at SFU
Jun 26, 2017 : Paper accepted to CHI PLAY 2017, Amsterdam
May 1, 2017 : Podcast interview on
Feb 27, 2017: Presented two demos at CSCW 2017, Portland
Feb 27, 2017: Featured on SIAT Spotlight
Feb 27, 2017: Presented a full-conference paper at CSCW 2017, Portland
Feb 14, 2017: Flex-N-Feel featured on Fastco Design, CBC, CTV, Dailyhive, SFU.