My Story

Born in the land of tandoori chicken, samosas, and biryani. I grew up playing and thinking I would become a professional cricket player. However, after exploring the creative side of my brain and realizing that creativity is one of my superpowers, I decided to pursue a career in human-computer interaction. Don’t we all dream of becoming a superhero️?

My interest in human-centered design made me move to the beautiful city of Vancouver, to the School of Interactive Arts + Technology at Simon Fraser University where I learned and practiced human-centered design during my masters. Being away from my family and friends inspired me to explore the design space of connecting people over distance as my thesis.

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What I do and how I do it...

Having experienced different cultures around the world, looking at a problem from multiple perspectives has become my second nature. My medium agnostic design approach stems from my flexibility to work across digital and physical platforms and from my fluency with a wide range of tools, methods, and processes that I am constantly adding to. I'm intensely interested in emerging technologies, ubiquitous computing systems, and user-centered design. Anything creative, when blended with technology and design becomes a magnet for me.

As a designer I like exploring all corners of the design space, thinking of design beyond the traditional screens and challenging the conventional norms of design thinking.

I design best when I work iteratively, by complementing the design process with user research. I seek to understand users behaviors, motivations, and desires to refine the design.

My engineering background allows my curious mind to tinker with emerging technologies to design and build prototypes and most importantly keep the geek inside me alive.

In my spare time...

I love being healthy! I run (5-15K), lift weights, play squash, relish home-cooked food, and do as much as I can to counterbalance the time I spend in front of screens. Recently I've picked up Leatherwork as my COVID hobby.


Fun facts...

Every morning I run a controlled lab study in my kitchen by experimenting with variables such as temperature, grind, or brew time.

Formula 1 Enthusiast
You can always find me practicing cornering techniques with my shopping cart in Costco.

NCC Cadet
Served as a cadet during high school (NCC: the third line of Indian Military Defense). My mom believes it helped me developed discipline early in my life.

Director, Screen-Writer, & Actor
Watch my stop motion movie here (please try not to laugh).