911 Mobile Video Communication
Conducting a qualitative study with 911 callers to understand their existing practices, challenges, unmet needs, and desires when calling for an emergency. We are also investigating the potential impact (benefits and challenges) that video calling will introduce into emergency calling situations. The semi-structured interview is conducted locally or remotely via Skype. This research will inform a vocabulary that allows us to discuss, critique, and reflect on the design of next-generation 911 services.

Curatio Cube
Curatio is a platform for connecting patients over distance and currently facing problems with user engagement and attention with its potential users. We designed and developed a wireless tangible artifact for users (patient-centric) to interact and live with content generated by other users on the Curatio platform. The goal of this domestic artifact is to draw users attention, curiosity, and engagement towards this platform in an everyday fashion and not relying excessively on mobile or tablets in the home.

Data Engagement Through Everyday Objects in the Home
Time-Turner is a set of three table coasters designed specifically for the context of a domestic setting and help family members to explore their digital archives by embedding data into an everyday object in the home. Time-Turner may generate moments of anticipation, curiosity and everyday exploration among family members to reflect on their past by intersecting into their existing household routines and activities.

Emotive Gloves to Experience Touch Over Distance
Flex-N-Feel is a vibrotactile glove designed to transmit touch over distance using a Wi-Fi connection for distance separated partners. Flex-N-Feel is designed keeping in mind the mobility of its use, expressive movements of couples and providing a private & subtle way of communication.

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Collaboration and Awareness Amongst Flight Attendants
Smart Crew is a smart-watch application designed for the flight attendants to enhance their in-flight communication practices and foster a high level of situational awareness among each other. The app is designed and developed for Samsung Gear S2 wearable devices.

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Telepresence Robots for Attending Conferences
A Study on telepresence attendance in academic conferences to gain a deeper and more nuanced understanding of remote conference attendance via telepresence robots. We conducted a study of remote attendance at CSCW 2016 where we explored the use of dedicated and shared telepresence robots for conference talks, receptions, and workshops.

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Immersive Video Communication for Mobile Devices
BeWithMe is an Immersive video-mediated communication application for Long Distance Couples. This system will help immerse remote partners into each other’s location so they can see, hear, feel a greater sense of presence and get a better understanding of each other’s entire 360-degree physical environment just by using their smartphones with an attachable hyperboloidal lens.

First-Person Video-Communication System for Couples
MyEyes is a video communication system where couples are presented with their partner's first person view on a VR headset. We designed three interfaces for viewing the remote and local view- horizontally split, vertically split and overlapped view. We used Google Cardboard along with two Android phones and developed the video chat application using WebRTC. Our aim is to provide partners with a sense of body ownership and social presence.

Distributed Real-Life Escape Room
Escaping Together is a real-life distributed escape room that connected two distance-separated rooms through an audio and video connection. We designed and evaluated the various components of an escape room like the puzzles involving tightly coupled to loosely coupled collaboration to understand the design factors that affected player experiences.

Bystanders’ Perspective on the Use of Camera Devices in Public Spaces
A qualitative analysis from an in-situ exploratory study that investigates bystanders’ reactions and feelings towards streaming and recording videos with smartphones and wearable glasses in public spaces.

Augmented Chemistry Lab
A Vision based application for students to learn chemistry by designing and interacting with the virtual 3D molecular models with the help of a Tangible user interface. The System design requires the contribution from optics, mathematics, and molecular chemistry. Developed in C++ using OpenGL (Graphics), OpenCV (Image Processing) and ARToolKit.


3D Window
A real time Head Detection application that reacts to head and body movement as if it were a real window creating a realistic illusion of depth and space with targets floating above the screen. Developed in C++ using OpenCV (Image Processing) and OpenGL (graphics).

Virtual Graffiti Wall
A real-time image processing application that replaces a planar surface (e.g. walls, buildings) with virtual graffiti art as if it was actually painted on real walls. The application reacts to change in pose and orientation of the plane surface replacing it with the warped image output. Developed in C++ using OpenCV (Image Processing).