Hello I’m Samarth Singhal and I do viable design

I help people make better design decisions for their products, interfaces, and services by creating delightful experiences.

When I am creating something, I like to observe people what they do, how they do, and how they talk and most importantly understand why people want it. by observing and listening to their stories I seek to understand their behaviors, motivations, unmet needs, and desires. I analyze and translate this learning and insight into actionable design guidelines and solutions for enhancing the product, interface, and overall user experience.

I am a UX researcher and computer science engineer by training. I am also a thinker, designer, storyteller, and a creative problem solver. Read more about my research and work here.

Mobile : +1 (6O4) 441-369O
Email : samarths@sfu.ca
Mail : Simon Fraser University
School of Interactive Arts + Technology
250 -13450 102 Avenue
Surrey, BC V3T 0A3 CANADA

Sep 14, 2017 : Flex-N-Feel aired on Daily Planet, Discovery Channel Canada
Jul 11, 2017 : Successfully defended my Masters Defence at SFU
Jun 26, 2017 : Paper accepted to CHI PLAY 2017, Amsterdam
May 1, 2017 : Podcast interview on HomBaBiz.com
Arp 11, 2017: Provocation accepted to DIS, Edinburgh 17
Feb 27, 2017: Presented two demos at CSCW, 17, Portland USA
Feb 27, 2017: Featured on SIAT Spotlight
Feb 27, 2017: Presented a full-conference paper at CSCW, Portland USA 17
Feb 14, 2017: Flex-N-Feel featured on Fastco Design, CBC, CTV, Dailyhive, SFU.