I have a passion for designing meaningful products and experiences with a human-centered design approach. I have immense interest in understanding people and how technology can help them. I understand people by observing what they do, how they do, and how they talk; and I use the skill of translating what I learn in user research into actionable solutions to help people make better design decisions for products, interfaces, and experiences.

I am a User experience researcher, developer, storyteller, and creative problem-solver. With a background in Computer Science Engineering from India and Human-Computer Interaction from the School of Interactive Arts + Technology, Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.

My research work
I have a passion for designing, developing and evaluating technologies to support everyday social computing and Computer-supported collaboration for distance separated people (generative, formative, and evaluative). Have a look at my projects and publications.

In my spare time...
When I’m not working you can find me in the gym, squash court, running, experimenting with coffee, sketching, and watching war movies.

How I like to work
- I think analytically and creatively. I use my creative and analytical side of the brain to solve any challenging problem. I consider myself to be naive, this allows me to look at old problems with a fresh pair of eyes and come up with viable solutions that might have been ignored.

- I am an amazing storyteller. Just like a film director, I can invariably pitch and showcase my design to clients and stakeholders; by telling stories of my work and how it is going to change the world.

- I a good critiquer. It’s not just about having great ideas, it’s about making those ideas a reality. I believe in taking ideas from the head and sketching them out to receive and give a constructive and affirmative critique.

- An iterative mindset. I work with an iterative agile approach trying to do my best with the information I have, checking how successful I was, and using this information to take another, more educated stab at it. Being a researcher and developer, iteration has been a critical part of my academic & professional growth.

- I am a collaborative team player. Bringing a team into play mode is key for it to create groundbreaking work. Collaboration and communication come naturally to me. I can moderate, facilitate and lead whenever required to create a good team.


Time-Turner: Data Engagement Through Ambient, Physical, and Situated Visualizations in the Home
It is a physical, ambient and situated visualization in the form of table coasters. It has been designed specifically for the context of a domestic setting and help family members to explore their digital archives. It represents data at different granularities on each coaster and a user could interact with the coasters to move in the two dimension of space and time. By sliding two coasters along its edge a user could move back and forth in time while moving the coaster to different areas of a house would represent data for that particular location.

Flex-N-Feel: Emotive Gloves for Touch Over Distance
A Vibrotactile glove which captures the flex actions of fingers and transmits them to the other partner as vibrotactile sensations resembling the sensation of the fingers slowly moving down on their skin. This glove uses flex sensors and linear resonant actuators to facilitate the sense of touch. This project is a part of my course: Tangible Computing taught by Alissa Antle.
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Smart Crew: Collaboration and Awareness Amongst Flight Attendants
A smart-watch application for enhancing the communication practices of flight attendants and fostering a high level of situation awareness to help them collaborate more easily.

Collaboration with Brand

Be With Me: Immersive Telepresence System for Distance Separated Couples
An Immersive video-mediated communication application for Long Distance Couples. This system will help immerse remote partners into each other’s location so they can see, hear, feel a greater sense of presence and get a better understanding of each other’s physical environment.

Telepresence Robots
A Study on telepresence attendance in academic conferences to gain a deeper and more nuanced understanding of remote conference attendance via telepresence robots. We conducted a study of remote attendance at CSCW 2016 where we explored the use of dedicated and shared telepresence robots for conference talks, receptions, and workshops, along with the personalization of robots.

Collaboration with Brand

My Eyes: First-Person Video-Communication System for Couples
A video communication system where couples are presented with their partner's first person view on a VR headset. We designed three interfaces of viewing the remote nad local view- horizontally split, vertically split and overlapped view. We used Google Cardboard along with two Android phones and developed the video chat application using WebRTC. Our aim is to provide partners with a sense of body ownership and social presence.

Escaping Together: The Design and Evaluation of a Distributed Real-Life Escape Room
Designed a real-life distributed escape room that connected two distance-separated rooms through an audio and video connection. We designed puzzles involving tightly coupled to loosely coupled collaboration to understand the design factors that affected player experiences.

You are Being Watched: Bystanders’ Perspective on the Use of Camera Devices in Public Spaces
A qualitative analysis from an in-situ exploratory study that investigates bystanders’ reactions and feelings towards streaming and recording videos with smartphones and wearable glasses in public spaces

Augmented Chemistry Lab
A Vision based application for students to learn chemistry by designing and interacting with the virtual 3D molecular models with the help of a Tangible user interface. The System design requires the contribution from optics, mathematics, and molecular chemistry. Developed in C++ using OpenGL (Graphics), OpenCV (Image Processing) and ARToolKit.

Journal Articles
Samarth Singhal, Sameer Bagga, Praroop Goyal, and Vikas Saxena. 2012. Augmented Chemistry: Interactive Education System, International Journal of Computer Applications 49, 15 (July 2012), 1–5.

Conference Papers
Samarth Singhal, Carman Neustaedter, Yee Loong Ooi, Alissa Antle, Brendan Matkin (2017) Flex-N-Feel: The Design and Evaluation of Emotive Gloves for Couples to Support Touch Over Distances, CSCW 2017 in Portland.
Rui Pan, Samarth Singhal, Bernhard Riecke, Emily Cramer, Carman Neustaedter (2017) MyEyes: The Design and Evaluation of First Person View Video Streaming for Long-Distance Couples, DIS 20117 in Edinburgh.
Hanieh Shekhari, Samarth Singhal, Rui Pan, Carman Neustaedter, Anthony Tang (2017) Escaping Together: The Design and Evaluation of a Distributed Real-Life Escape Room, This work is currently in submission to CHI PLAY 2017.

Reviewed Conference Posters
Samarth Singhal, William Odom, Lyn Bartram, Carman Neustaedter (2017) Time-Turner: Data Engagement Through Everyday Objects in the Home, DIS 2017 in Edinburgh.
Samarth Singhal, Carman Neustaedter (2017). Be With Me: An Immersive Telepresence System for Distance Separated Couples, CSCW 2017 in Portland.
Samarth Singhal, Carman Neustaedter, Thecla Schiphorst, Anthony Tang, Abhisekh Patra, Rui Pan (2016) You are Being Watched: Bystanders’ Perspective on the Use of Camera Devices in Public Spaces, CHI 2016 in San Jose.

Reviewed Conference Workshop Papers
Samarth Singhal, Carman Neustaedter, (2016) Be With Me: An Immersive Experience for Long Distance Couples, CSCW 2016 in SanFrancisco.

Samarth Singhal, Carman Neustaedter, Alissa N. Antle, Brendan Matkin (2017) Flex-N-Feel: Emotive Gloves for Physical Touch Over Distance, CSCW 2017 in Portland.
Stephanie Wong, Samarth Singhal, Carman Neustaedter (2017) Smart Crew: A Smart Watch Design for Collaboration Amongst Flight Attendants, CSCW 2017 in Portland.
Samarth Singhal, Carman Neustaedter, Alissa Antle, Brendan Matkin (2016) Flex-N-Feel: The Design and Evaluation of Emotive Gloves for Couples to Support Touch Over Distances, Maker Faire 2016 in Vancouver

Simon Fraser University
M.Sc in Interactive Arts + Technology
2015 - Present
CGPA: 4.2/4.33
Supervisor: Dr. Carman Neustaedter

Jaypee Institute of Information Technology
B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering
2008 - 2012
CGPA: 8.4/10 (Department Rank: 14)

Teaching and Mentoring Experience
Simon Fraser University
Design Evaluation (IAT432), Spring 2017
Design Evaluation (IAT432), Spring 2016
Web Design and Development (IAT339), Fall 2015

Jaypee Institute of Information Technology
Multimedia Development Lab
Research Experience
Developer & UX Researcher
Connections Lab, Simon Fraser University
Sept 2015 - Present

UX Developer
Samsung (in collaoration with SFU)
May 2016 - Aug 2016

Professional Experience
Infosys Limited, July 2014 - July 2015
Senior Systems Engineer, PeopleSoft Developer

Infosys Limited, July 2012- June 2014
Systems Engineer, Mobile Application Developer

Telecommunications Consultants India, Summer 2011
Intern, Optical Fiber Networking

Nucleus Software Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Summer 2010
Intern, Web Developer

Design Methods
Qualitative Research Analysis
User-Centered Design
Contextual Inquiry
Heuristic Evaluation
Usability Testing
Experience Mapping
Card Sorting
Focus Groups

Java (Core)
Android, Tizen


I enjoy collaborating with diverse and cross-functional teams.

C-lab Christmas Party

Firefly Team, Infosys (I used to lead this team)

Westpac Team members, Infosys

Sketching & Photography
I enjoy sketching and currently learning photography.

City Palace, Udaipur

Deoria Tal(Lake), Uttranchal

Mind Rocks Logo Winner @India Today Conclave

I love to travel and explore different countries and their food.

The Louvre, Paris

Lost Lake, Whistler, Vancouver

Senso-ji Temple, Japan