Born in the Land of tandoori chicken, naan bread, samosas, and biryani. My name is derived from a Sanskrit word – समर्थ (Samarthe) meaning Lord Krishna; A powerful man; one who is efficient.


I'm a Thesis-based Masters student in the School of Interactive Arts + Technology at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. Previously I hold a bachelor's degree in Computer Science Engineering from India.

Research Work

I have a passion for designing, developing and evaluating technologies to support everyday social computing and Computer-supported collaboration for distance separated people (generative, formative, and evaluative). In short, I design and develop cool things. Have a look at my projects and publications.

In my spare time...

When I’m not working you can find me in the gym, squash court, running, experimenting with coffee, sketching, and watching war movies.

How I like to work

I think analytically and creatively. I use my creative and analytical side of the brain to solve any challenging problem. I consider myself to be naive, this allows me to look at old problems with a fresh pair of eyes and come up with viable solutions that might have been ignored.

I am an amazing storyteller. Just like a film director, I can invariably pitch and showcase my design to clients and stakeholders; by telling stories of my work and how it is going to change the world.

I a good critiquer. It’s not just about having great ideas, it’s about making those ideas a reality. I believe in taking ideas from the head and sketching them out to receive and also give a constructive and affirmative critique.

An iterative mindset. I work with an iterative agile approach trying to do my best with the information I have, checking how successful I was, and using this information to take another, more educated stab at it. Being a researcher and developer, iteration has been a critical part of my academic & professional growth.

I am a collaborative team player. Bringing a team into play mode is key for it to create groundbreaking work. Collaboration and communication come naturally to me. I can moderate, facilitate and lead whenever required to create a good team.


I enjoy collaborating with diverse and cross-functional teams.

C-lab Christmas Party

Firefly Team, Infosys (I used to lead this team)

Westpac Team members, Infosys

Sketching & Photography
I enjoy sketching and currently learning photography.

City Palace, Udaipur

Deoria Tal(Lake), Uttranchal

Mind Rocks Logo Winner @India Today Conclave

I love to travel and explore different countries and their food.

The Louvre, Paris

Lost Lake, Whistler, Vancouver

Senso-Ji Temple, Japan